3 Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer

There are hundreds of opportunities when to hire a graphic designer, but why would you need to? I think it’s crucial to know when and why to find a graphic designer, because finding a professional in the specific profession can and will save you (the client) so much time and money in the long run. Read the three reasons that I’ve explained below (I promise there could be a much longer list.)

Reason 1: Innovation

Graphic designers are born with a creative mind and innovative ideas are practically the only ideas we are born with. Usually, a client will have a pretty great idea that they want to express to their audience and it’s our job to take that idea to the next level. Though, clients don’t always have a defined idea as to what they want, (which is another role that we play) we are there to guide the client and discuss multiple avenues, singling out which direction best fits the project.

Whenever someone tells me about their project that they’ve been thinking of starting, I instantly get excited with creative ideas. It could be an idea about a new dog park and within seconds, I have about 10 logo ideas in my brain. For other people in different professions, I feel confident in saying that, instant logo creations may not happen for them and that’s perfectly okay.

Reason 2: Efficiency

You have your idea and you think you can make it happen while doing everything else on your long to-do list… Let’s be honest, sometimes you have to know when to step back and give specific tasks to other people, which allows more time for you to do what you excel at. I can promise that I’m not going to try and start a dog park business because that’s not my career choice. However, I will gladly design a dog park logo and design the promotional print material to ensure that the dog park business is promoted successfully. It’s all about what you know you don’t know (and understanding that if you give the design stuff to a designer, they’re probably going to do it in half the time (or much less) than it would’ve taken you to do (respectfully assuming that you’re not the graphic designer) and it’ll *hopefully* look a ton better…because that’s the, well, designer’s job).

Bottom line is, using a completely different example, a designer is going to be more efficient at designing a logo than an Engineer is going to be. They’re two totally different occupations, so it would make sense if the engineer didn’t know what it takes to make a communicative logo and if the designer couldn’t engineer a bridge. Makes sense, right?

Reason 3: Intelligence

Intelligence communicates reasoning in this topic parallel to that of efficiency. Know when something is okay not to know everything about, and that is the best gift I can hope for anyone to receive at some point in life. I know a lot about graphic design and communications, I know a good bit about the psychology of design, and I ride horses so I know a few things there too, but I know that I will never know everything in either of the things that I feel I know the most about in life. (Reread that sentence a few times, I promise it makes sense…)

To have intelligence is to know you will always lack intelligence.

Point being, graphic design isn’t what you’ve spent most of your life learning about and doing, so there’s no need to try and be an expert at it when you can hire someone who already knows quite a bit about it. Though when working with your designer, don’t be afraid to point something out that you see you like or dislike, because it’s good for us to hear how our designs are communicating to you.

If you have a suggestion, tell us! I love hearing what my clients have thought of in their minds, because that’s just allowing me to get a better grasp on what they’re really thinking. From my years of experience, designing intelligently is like being a psychologist (and it is SO MUCH FUN!)

Let me know if you have questions or want a fuller explanation of anything I’ve said. I gladly welcome your thoughts!

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