Ask me my opinion and I’ll give you the facts..

It comes naturally with every project, but sometimes a business or wedding needs an added amount of conversation and decisions. This is not uncommon and certainly not frowned upon to receive more input, factual and opinionated. I’ve been a design consultant as long as I’ve been a designer. To date, that’s about 9 years.

When we start to talk about the brand you want or the style of wedding you’ve been dreaming of, there’s a lot of topics we can chat about and I hope I could be of assistance to you through those amazing conversations. Just a quick list of the top 3 questions I’d ask first (because I’m going to ask A LOT of questions before I dive into designing)…

  1. What is your idea?
  2. Who do you want your audience to be? / What do you want to communicate to your guests?
  3. What is your budget for designs, print work & marketing?

Notice, I’m asking YOU what YOU want it to be like. Then, we can discuss options that cater to your wants, needs, desires, dreams, etc. Once we have some ground to stand on as far as designs, I can give you your options of where to go to get them produced. I would love to be your designer as well, but I also understand that there are other options out there for production.

commonly asked questions…

If I use you for designing everything, do you print everything too?
I do have relationships with local printshops that I can handle printing with. If their rates don’t work with your budget, I can assist with online ordering to ensure the designs we’ve worked so hard on, print the way we want.