I love design.

& it’s a damn good thing too. Designing is what keeps me happy (along with my cat and horses obviously)… Since redesigning my website and ordering new business cards, I’ve thought a lot about what parts of graphic design I love most. I have my favorite things to design and then, I also have my favorite things that aren’t graphic design, but still take a designer’s mind to create.
(or at least, it sure helps!)

My favorite things…

#1 Logos: My absolute favorite. Why?? Well, I enjoy consulting with my client and hearing about what they love about their business or what their goals are for their up & coming business. It is such a thrill to design a simple little image that encompasses so much detail that most people won’t consciously recognize, but will sub-consciously react to. Logos are the face of a business, a party, a wedding, etc. A logo can combine letters, words, imagery – all the things or just a couple. The type of business, the goals of a business, the intended audience, the location.. it all goes into the logo, which creates a brand (which I also love see come together!) A logo is not a brand though. A brand is all the things – the logo is just the face that people think of when they experience all the things.

#2 Packaging: Oh my yes. What if all packaging was the exact same? I mean, like – same colors, same textures, same fonts, same same same… It would put the world in such anxiety. Packaging is part of the brand for a business, a party, or even a wedding. It tells a part of the story, plus all the pertinent information for the consumer to know.

#3 Wedding Invites: I say it’s not all about the gold foil and pretty fonts, but if that’s part of what makes you, you, then it sure makes a statement on an invitation. When I’m designing invitations, especially wedding invites – I want to make sure the attendees know part of the story or can at least get a feel of the party just through the invitation.

Other things that take a designer’s mind…

#1 Photography

#2 Floral

#3 House Design

#4 Event Planning

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